Thursday, 13 November 2008

WWW (world wide work)

Image copyright Mikiko Hara

I am aware that this blog has been a little USA biased when highlighting the work of photographers. I personally have no leaning to the work of one country more than another. If I find someones work interesting I'll post about it regardless of the nationality of the photographer. Perhaps it's just that American artists are a little more sophisticated when it comes to promoting their work online.

So tonight trying to redress the balance I bring you two websites that promote the work of artists from other parts of the world. First up is photo.sittcomm which showcases the work of photographers based in Central & Eastern Europe, although India is also included which I think is stretching the definition of Europe even more than The Eurovision Song Contest!

And looking at Japanese work, from outside Japan, which also seems to "hide it's light under a bushel" at least when it comes to the work of it's photographers comes japan-photo
Two great ways to see stacks of bloody great photography.

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