Thursday, 30 April 2009

Foto Survey Group of Great Britain.

How many photo's do you think you have sent into competitions to hear nothing? How much money have you spent entering them bloody comps? (Hey Stan maybe that's where we went wrong with EXNO we should have charged the buggers!) Anyway up, now is your chance to give them losing shots another chance of the limelight. FSG or Foto Survey Group of Great Britain want your loser's work and early next year they will pick 10 winners from the losers (if you know what I mean) and you could win a mug! Over on their site there seems to be a lot of losing images from The National Portrait Gallery Photography Prize, and 2007 seems to be a popular year, a year I myself entered and lost.
Thanks to Mishka Henner for this post.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Johannes Schwartz on YouTube.

As we all know there's often a lot of gibberish talked to "prop up" weak work. Too much talk is not something that could be levelled at this photography initiative ARCHIVO. Publishing the work of two photographers per month with no words and a video on YouTube of the photographer looking at that work with no sound track other than a little bit of ambient. I can't make my mind up as to whether it's clever or too clever.

From The Series "36 Views"

Image copyright Mark Page

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Where's Wally?

There I am. That's me on Google Street View. You can see where I was here: <,-2.287271&sspn=0.000604,0.001202&ie=UTF8&ll=53.480691,-2.295842&spn=0.009666,0.019226&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A&layer=c&cbll=53.480661,-2.295662&panoid=aHZ7Vzd9MiTx451INBcf4g&cbp=12,164.2969193811744,,1,4.999999999999999> Not too sure where the front of my face is but it's definitely me. I was at the tram stop on Langworthy Road, Salford, late last summer. I remembered the funny little Google car go past, I paid it only scant regard at the time.
I spent a half an hour looking for myself, and was so happy when I found me. The only reason I found myself was that I can remember where I was when that little car went past. I couldn't search for myself by name, or location. Even though it was a Chance encounter with myself on Street View people are getting really paranoid about being on Google's new novelty site. "People can see my house and can rob it" well guess what shit for brains they could anyway. It's not just Google though is it? People are so worried about photographs of themselves or their property falling into the wrong hands. That's their public face or their more public property, yet they are Happy to post on Facebook,Twitter or Blogger all kinds of info and personnel pictures. We really are such funny fuckers..............

Monday, 27 April 2009


Image copyright Mark Page


If you are on my mailing list you've already seen my new flyer and know that EXPIRATION NOTICE Volume 3 is out HERE. It may be the last EXNO, as to be honest, submissions have dried up and me and Stan just don't seem to fit into the loop when it comes to US east coast cool kid blogsphere, which is kinda what you need to get a buzz going. Not sure why our faces never fitted perhaps it's because Stan believes in UFO's and well, I'm a C##t. Anyway it's been great working on it, and good to make a friend in Stan. Thanks to all who submitted and sent in words of encouragement. Before this starts sounding like a suicide note we may be back on Sept 28th so watch this space.
Right then the flyer. Yes of course it' a joke, (someone emailed me to check!) It's inspired by my ever increasing collection of takeaway menu's. I've tried to design grown up business cards In the past, and thought this time I'd just have some photoshop fun. I was also exploring the link between the disposable nature of the menu's and fast food consumerism that they are indicative of, and the connections to the Art Market and photography........ Yeah right!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Quick Word.

Image copyright Tom Rice-Smyth

First up my old virtual mate Tom Rice-Smyth has a new book out. It's of his series "Babysitters" which can be seen here. I doubt that there will ever be a more complete or comprehensive study of this nation's capital city carried out by any photographer. I think, no I'm sure that Tom Rice-Smyth is in the process of making something very special. An intimate and understood portrait of 21st century London, and "Babysitters" is a small but significant part of that study.......

As for me, well this is the only post here this week, as we are in the process of getting EXPIRATION NOTICE Volume 3 together for release on the 27th........

Monday, 20 April 2009

American Suburb X

American Suburb X is in my opinion the Daddy of photography blogs. As a photography blogger it's humbling. So much so that I am now very depressed at my inane warbling's and I'm going to bed..............

Gooch Gang 'pensioners'

GMP have gone all street art on your ass!

Mike Keegan
April 20, 2009
HARD-HITTING posters showing two jailed gang leaders as haggard pensioners have gone on display across Manchester. Here

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Friday, 17 April 2009


If you live in Britain you can't help but of heard of Susan Boyle. Apparently she's been all over the telly stateside as well. Watch the video of her singing, but watch harder the audience and judges before she starts singing. Cynical judges and spoilt little airhead sluts sniggering at the ordinary, nay, plain Jane on stage.
And then she sings and blows all them fuckers out of the water. And there at that moment was a split second when the west changed. As much as when the banks and capitalists got shown up for the Shylock's that they are, and the moment when Obama took office and we believed that some politicians could give us hope, there at that moment was the end of fucking talentless morons. Susan's microphone was a stake through the fuckin hearts of WAGs, Big Brother, fuck wits, Kate Moss, pretty boy racing drivers and all the rest of the wastes of skin out there, a split second when the earth shifted on it's axis and balance was restored.................... Well we can dream can't we?.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Limmy? Silly, Strange & strangely more-ish. Cheers to Adrian Tyler for the link.


Valuing Older People Positive Images of Ageing -
Calendar photography brief

This is the 6th calendar in the Valuing Older People Positive Images campaign which has received national recognition and award nominations for communicating positive messages about growing older.We would like to invite tenders for the photography for the 2010 calendar.
2010 calendar brief:
To create a series of 15/16 positive images depicting older people using different forms of technology. The VOP Positive Images team will work to identify 15/16 different image options and participants to feature in the photographs.
The photographers will be asked to update the project team 3/4 times during the process. Following this the photographer will present their final images to the team who will work with them to decide upon which images will be included in the calendar.

To work with the VOP Positive Images team to agree a preferred “style” of image
To create a series of images which show positive images of older people using different types of technology
To provide a range of images choices on contact sheets for the Positive Images team
To supply MFour, the City Council in house design team, with the selected high resolution images
To provide hard copy portrait shots to participants
Time frames:
Tender deadline: Thursday 30th April 2009
Shortlisted applicants invited to interview Wednesday 3rd June 2009
Photography to be completed by mid-October 2009
Final image selection late October 2009
Calendar to design early November 2009
Distribution in December 2009
Expressions of interest and estimated costs:
In your costing, please include a breakdown of the following:
Estimated amount of time needed to:
Produce 12/13 portrait photos
Attendance at 3/4 Positive Images team meeting
Production of contact sheets and portraits
The cost of provision of:
12/13 contact sheets
12/13 high resolution images
Please provide 3/4 images or examples of your work with your submission.
Please submit your estimates to:
Sally Chandler
Programme Manager
Valuing Older People
Joint Health Unit
Town Hall Extension
M60 2LA
For more information, telephone: 0161 234 3513

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Couple Of Comps........

Two comps that you may be interested in. First up for photographers/artists living or working in greater Manchester. This is the third yearly Best Of Manchester Awards brought to you by Urbis This year there's a hell of a line up of Judges including Tim Marlow. A prize of two grand and whats more it's free to enter!

Not free to enter (£15) but still perhaps worth a punt is the OPEN SHUTTER PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. Here

Print Trials

I posted last Monday about The Printspace and the fact that I had sent off for a trial pack (£5.75) which gave samples of the prints that they do. Well it was delivered within a couple of days and I must say that the quality of the prints was really good. The digi C-type on Fuji matt was my particular favourite. The Kodak Metallic was also interesting for certain images/work.

Even though the quality of their inkjets was high comparing them to the C-Types they just looked, well flat. The next step is to send some of my work to them to get printed. I'll let you know how I get on.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Yvonne Todd

Image copyright Yvonne Todd
Yeah, yeah I know, girlie photographer's dressing up and photographing themselves, but this stuff is really interesting and there's loads of other really good series on her site as well......... Yvonne Todd

Following In Fenton's Tracks...ish

Hope you had a good Easter. Weather not at all bad was it? Been playing with my latest bit of photo kit which came from Halfords rather than Jessops. Great way of getting around Manchester/Salford. It also doubles as a brilliant disguise when cruising some of towns less friendly area's. I can wear a hoody, no helmet and I look like a drug dealer/car thief and I get left alone. With a set of panniers for my dinner and bits n bobs (4 cans of Stella) and attaching a Gorrilla Grip to the handle bars it doubles as a mobile tripod, superb! Kinda like

Roger Fenton's van that he used for photographing The Crimean War. Only in Salford and without the nasty chemicals, except the Stella of course..........

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Josh Smith.

Images copyright Josh Smith

Some interesting work mainly in mono from Josh Smith. Josh describes his work,

"These photographs examine the surfaces of daily life, describing not only the specifics of these exteriors, but also what remains invisible below. By leaving the inherent narratives of objects and places behind, these photographs reveal both the ideals and superficiality of a culture."

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Keep It Up.

I've not always been the biggest fan of The Guardian, but bloody well done to them for keeping up the pressure on this scumbag. Notice how he's wearing a ski mask? When did it become acceptable for a PUBLIC SERVANT to wear a fucking ski mask? Enquiry? how about his immediate suspension followed by a manslaughter charge for this prick.


NYPH O9 - New York Photo Festival - May 13-17
The New York Photo Festival is pleased to announce the Call for Entries for the New York Photo Awards 2009Submissions Accepted Starting March 2, 2009Visit
Another good opportunity and another $80 submission fee.

Banksy Wanksy?

Is Banksy now just a "Tosspot" pandering to the middle classes? One group seem to think so. Here:

Evening All.

Dixon Of Dock Green has had a makeover. see here:

Monday, 6 April 2009

Just Do It.

Image copyright Steve Schofield

Sometimes I think as photographer's we worry too much about coming up with something new, a topic not photographed before, not repeating. Is this fear unique to photographers? It's never seemed to bother say, painters, they have no problems in returning to motifs that others have drawn from, and doing so time and time again, keen to tease their own take out of a subject.

Now I've seen photographs of obsessive fans dozens of times before, and I'm sure that Steve Schofield has seen such images as well. I'm glad it didn't stop him from producing his series "Land Of The Free" Look beyond the silly costumes and there's a melancholy here that Schofield has wonderfully captured.

Print Trials

Image by Toby Smith and Printed by The Print Space.

I have a photo printer, an Epson R1800. I've had for around four years, a bloody age in this digital age. It's always been reliable, good for proofing and making small work prints for editing. I fancied the new Epson R2880 and I am toying with getting one. You see since Pro2col closed down a couple of years ago I have not found myself a new professional printing service, I've heard that the Epson gives near gallery standard prints so I thought that may be a way forward, at least for some stuff.

Before I rush out and spend the best part of six hundred quid on the Epson, I thought I would try a printers that offer an online service, perhaps getting some of my work printed up as a "Digital C-Type"

I've come across a company called The Print Space. They certainly have a cool website with plenty of guidance and tutorials which even a muppet like me can more or less understand. They offer a range of services at what appear to be competitive prices so I'm going to give them a go. I've just ordered their print sample pack at £5.75 which gives me some prints printed on the various media that that they use. When that arrives I'll try out their C-Types and let you know how I get on. "Now run those profile thingies past me again........."

Irons In Fires.

From the series Albion.

From the series Pilgrims.

From the series Semi's

Plenty to be going on with. Love making work, hate form filling. (see last post)

Images copyright Mark Page

Sunday, 5 April 2009

On The Blag.

Image copyright Susana Raab
Funding. It's a bit of a bastard. I've always been spectacularly shit at it. Some people thrive on it. Jeez I even know people who make a living doing it for other people! Me, I've always been shit at it. So I'm going to study this article by Susana Raab (love your work) over on PDN and see if I can pick up a few tips and maybe some application form filling mojo.

Friday, 3 April 2009

1000 Words #4

Image copyright Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz

One of my very favourististist photography webmags has a new edition out. Appropriately titled #4, 1000 Words can be found here . This time round featuring amongst others the work of Martin & Munoz (tip top!) with some great writing about them by 1000 words Editor Tim Clark.

Nice One.

A big thanks to URBIS for giving support to a (partially) local endeavor.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Call For Submissions.

I don't even know why I'm telling anyone about this opportunity the way I'm feeling today. Am wondering if EXPIRATION NOTICE is going to go on past Volume 4. It's not the hits we are getting, we get plenty, it's the amount of submissions and general support. Wanted to get a Women's Edition together for Volume 5 as we have had hardly any submissions from that quarter, asked other bloggers with a vested interest, perhaps I'm being naive here, coz not a sausage. Oh well perhaps I'm the only one over 35 who is sick, jealous and fucking bitter, about calls like this:

In an effort to preserve works by young persons enthusiastic about expressing themselves through the art of photography, the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (K*MoPA) issues an annual call for submissions to its "Young Porfolios" program.
This is not a contest. The single condition is that applicants must be 35 years old or younger. All photographers, professional or amateur and regardless of nationality, are invited to submit their published or unpublished works to be considered for induction into the Museum's permanent collection.
We strongly believe that there is no clearer signal or more direct means of support for the young photographer than the purchase of their work for a permanent museum collection. Our principal objective is to encourage and cultivate the precious sprouts of younger talents.
Prior judges include Moriyama Daido, Araki Nobuyoshi and Hosoe Eikoh. Applicants of all categories are highly expected. We look forward to receiving unique images showcasing the creativity of younger artists in the field of photography.Online Application:1 - 30 April 2009Young Portfolio '09: Museum of Photographic Arts: