Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Gangs Of Manchester

We've all heard about Manchester gangs and "Gunchester" first coined I believe by The Guardian in a weekend supplement back in the early 90's. No doubt designed to sell papers and scare the shit out of the middle classes busy setting up home in Chorlton.

This Gangs of Manchester is a different kettle of fish (or kettle of Dahl if reading in Chorlton) It's a trip back in time to Victorian Manchester/Salford and charts the rise and fall of what is reputed to be Britain's first youth cult, The Scuttlers. This book is filled with fascinating stories not only about these Victorian "roughs" but also gives insight into other aspects of Manchester's murky past.

This book will show you that the "Good Old Days" are a romantic myth and we should forget the paranoia of the media and thank God the streets of this fair city are a hell of a lot safer now than then. Go buy it here:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gangs-Manchester-Story-Scuttlers-Britains/dp/1903854814 read more here: http://gangsofmanchester.com/
A bloody good read.

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