Tuesday, 12 June 2007

River Irwell Poem

Have been doing some reading lately about the River Irwell, and it has struck me how far it has come since the 1970s. A walk along it around Peel Park in Salford on a warm summer day is fantastic! Its the first time I have done this for almost a decade and I was stunned at how nature has took back great swaths of river bank, especially around Salford cresent. I hope the planners and developers take this into consideration when working there.

In my research about the river I found a poem from before the Industrial revolution it's funny to think how we have almost come almost full circle...

"Behold, behold with wondrous eyes
the towering hills that reach the skies
the fertile plain and vale below
where the lovely streams of Irwell flow.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Summer Salford quay's

Watched the local news last night and it must be that time of year again. Every year it goes something like this........ weather gets hot, kids jump off The big red in Salford, middle aged man from council does vox pop about dangers of jumping in the quay's water cold, hidden objects below water surface, blah blah blah, stern looking bobby is next it will not be tolerated, criminal offences blah blah blah, Manchester evening News does article, not condoning it but publish photograph of it happening as their photographer was lucky enough to be there at that time. And every year it happens, my girlfriends grandfather says he did it when he was a lad and he's now in his 80's. So sorry to the residents of the new quay's but it looks like you will have to draw the curtains to your quarter of a million pound pad and just get used to it. Here's to summer Salford style!