Monday, 10 November 2008

Richard Renaldi

Image Copyright Richard Renaldi

Featured in the latest edition of Fraction Mag is "Touching Strangers" by Richard Renaldi. This work is all over the photo blogs. It really seems to have captured peoples imaginations, and it's no wonder. It's a bloody great bit of work!

Approaching complete strangers and asking to take their pictures is never an easy thing to do. Approaching different sets of complete strangers and asking them to "touch" each other and then if that's not enough ask them to wait while you set up a ruddy great 10x8 camera, well, respect.


colin pantall said...

Nice one Mark - it looks great. The whole mag looks great. You're not very earnest in your write up though - isn't that a prerequesite of typologies?

mark page said...

Cheers colin. Yes I guess that's the official line and perhaps if I'd trained at Dusseldorf rather than Stockport..........