Wednesday, 19 November 2008

It's Christmas! (shouted in a Noddy Holder stylie)

God I hate winter. I'm sat looking out of my office window on a grey and drizzly Salford street. I feel proper lethargic, and every time I have a chance to make photographs the weather's shit.I just want to hibernate.
However I do love Christmas, It's no wonder we have a big party at this time of the year. It must have been so druids didn't slash their wrists. And the Christmas markets are back! love em. I know it's the same old shit every year, and OK I'll no doubt get a dose of "the green apple splatters" from an under cooked German sausage, but I don't care I think they really make town Nice and Christmassy. Mulled wine though, whats that all about?

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