Monday, 3 November 2008

Noise Festival 2008

The Biennial creative festival that started down-under and moved north a couple of years ago is getting ready to announce it's winners. Billed as "The Olympics of Creativity" (I'm really not sure if I like that sentiment) it is, if nothing else a decent barometer for what the youngsters are up to when it comes to the arts including photography.
There is a mass of photo's on the website, perhaps too many to be able to do any kind of fair survey and it has got a bit of a flickr feel about it. However there is some interesting stuff on there, sometimes frustrated by the fact that some of these young pretenders still have no websites which stops you seeing more of their work. I find that, hard to believe in this day and age.
Anyway go see here: Richard Billingham was the judge for the photography section and I'm waiting to receive an email letting me know his top five. I'll let you know.

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