Thursday, 27 June 2013

Not At Arles in Body but........

It's Arles next week, I've never been. My work's been there twice now. First Semi's went to a little fringe show in 2010 and next week Art is Godd is going as part of ROAST BEEF presents. If you are going and you get the chance please go and have a look. It's at 8 Rue Favorin, Place du Forum Arles. It's on between the 1st and 4th July. More details in the previous post.

I've never been to Arles but I have an image in my head and I made the above still life in honour of the inaugural ROAST BEEF presents. As with my other still lifes it's 80% made from images sourced from the web.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

ROAST BEEF presents....

I'm not a lazy bastard. I've been busy that's why I've not had time to waste on this blog. Besides making my own piccies I've been helping Ed Watts photo artist and our man at The Whitworth with the above, a show which is going on in Arles at the same time as the big photo festival. Although to be honest it's 99% Ed which is probably why it got off the ground in the first place. You can follow the progress at and there is also a facebook page HERE so 'like it' and 'share it' and all of that.
                                             Good old line up, I think I'm on it because it's my ball so to speak. We hope ROAST BEEF presents will become an on going way to get British photographers work shown overseas. So Scotland if you go for Independence that's just one more opportunity you are going to fuck up.