Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I am very chuffed to announce that Magma Books have agreed to stock my book "25 Potential Weapons" I'm not just saying so now because of this arrangement, but Magma are my favourite bookshop. It's where all my photography magazines and most of my photography books get bought. It'll be nice taking books in to sell for a change..........

They should land at the Manchester store over the next couple of weeks,and I've got a bit of an offer for anyone who buys one from Magma Manceshester before Christmas.

Yep, if you can show me the receipt I will let you have a signed limited (edition of 6) A4 archival print of your choice (subject to that print edtion still being available) from the book, for £40.


LostinManc said...

My fave bookshop to - where else can you buy the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia.

mark page said...

Ah a great book that I have myself, that and 1000 tatoo's which is another great read.