Thursday, 17 September 2009

Institute Of Critical Zoologsts.

Image copyright Renhui Zhao/ICZ

Considering that photography is still a fairly modern art form we can, as practitioners be incredibly conservative compared to other forms of visual art. Tradition is rife and on the whole, whether in art or life in general. tradition is seldom all it's cracked up to be. The Internet has opened up (or at least should have done) a whole world of exciting possibilities but still too many photographers/artists can see no further than a white gallery wall.
Imagine creating a complete museum/institute/research establishment for your images? Imaginative, thought provoking confusing and fraudulent? Just who or what can we trust? And on top of all that questions about the environment, mans relationship with other species and the representation of animals in art. And all around the bi-centenary of Darwin's birthday. That may well be a coincidence and nothing to do with anything but I'll give them that coz
I love the thought process and playfulness behind THIS. This is proper clever shit.

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