Tuesday, 15 September 2009

It's been a headfuck kinda week. I got THIS news last Tuesday. I work there you see, so to find out something like that from the front page of a news paper, well welcome to the real world Art Gallery boy.
So Manchester is to lose an Art venue, second city? I'd laugh if it wasn't so fucking sad. Thing is I can remember less than eighteen months ago Richard Leese standing outside saying how much the place was a symbol of what Manchester was about. Guess you changed your mind eh? Tony H will be spinning in his grave you hypocritical twat.
A bit like this statement
"Manchester is renowned around the world for its footballing heritage and attracts more visitors than any English city outside London. Having a nationally significant football destination here would make perfect sense so when the National Football Museum approached us we were naturally keen to explore this exciting idea. Talks have been very positive so far."
perfect sense? renowned as a footballing city? Is that why UTD got no parade last year despite winning the Champions League?
Anyway enough. For the time being at least as I still work there.
Normal Service will be resumed on the morrow.


Matt D said...

I totally think urbis is going to be one of those places that we wont realise how much we loved it till its gone. Its such an amazing resource. I havent come across anything quite like it in any city i have visited. Football is EVERYWHERE in english culture you cannot escape it. can the same really be said for art. we are one of the most culture-less countries in the world, is this really going to help?

Tom said...

hope you're job stays Mark... as usual money goes where money is and fuck the people that do all the work... we don't matter... only the money matters.

mark page said...

Cheers Fella's. I'm sorry for Manchester.