Thursday, 14 August 2008


Image copyright Michael Ronquillo
ZuperQuirk is an international collective and online experiment, their words not mine. There are however some interesting photographs on the site. Although mainly "street photography" which these days seems to be some kind of weird sport rather than any kind of art, (I have never got my head around why someone of the standing of Trent Parke would get involved with this tosh) I blame the flickr AWESOME brigade but I guess that's a whole other post......................
These six photographers however seem on the whole to avoid the usual cliches. So yes although I prefer the work of some of the six lots more than other's it's well worth a look. "Ya getting me" as the youths around these parts seem to be saying. Here:


Didi S. said...

Thanks for the mention of ZuperQuirk. We've recently gone through a site redesign to make locating the various sections easier.

mark page said...

Good coz the works great and people should see it!