Monday, 4 August 2008

Carlos Lobo

Image copyright Carlos Lobo
There's little doubt that "banality" is a well trodden path when it comes to contemporary Art photography. Banality is a hard subject to pick these days because, well, it's just getting so, you know, banal. So finding Carlos work has restored my faith in one of 21st century photography's most popular vehicles. (no pun intended with the pic of the motorbike) It's down to the sequencing, that can obviously add a whole different dimension to the work. Strong editing, and a sense of old fashioned aesthetic, that's what raises this work up. I can tell just how much joy he's got from finding these shots. I only wish I could speak some Portuguese, as that's what the texts about the work are written in.
Hey, perhaps I could get Ronaldo to translate for me while his ankle heals. Perhaps then me and Ronnie could sit a while and debate the reasons that banality features so often in modern photography............................ Anyway Carlos Lobo here:

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