Saturday, 30 August 2008

Andy Freeberg

Image copyright Andy Freeberg
Galleries can be intimidating places, often staffed by complete dicks. Andy Freeberg has chosen to document the entrances to galleries in Chelsea, NYC, which I imagine must be staffed by a special kind of super dick. In his statement on the work he Say's of his series "Sentry"
"As I walked around that booming Chelsea neighborhood of art galleries, I began to notice a trend: at some of the biggest galleries there are giant entry desks, where the top of the head of the desk sitter is often the only other human presence. This leads me to wonder, in this digital world of email and instant messaging that supposedly makes us more connected, are we also setting up barriers to the simple eye to eye contact that affirms our humanity?"
and that's an interesting point Andy. However when you go around other shops, and lets face it that's all these kind of places are, the staff will make eye contact, fuck me in some of the clothes shops that my other half takes me to they practically hug & kiss you, "are you OK there? blah blah blah" so my conclusion is that no, they are just staffed by dicks. Great stuff Mr Freeberg you've really managed to show the ridiculousness of these people & places.
PS. There's at least three galleries I can think of in Manchester that aspire to this, can you guess which one's?


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