Sunday, 24 August 2008

I've changed the look of my homepage a little. I'm trying to make it a little more personal. has been going as my site name since 2005, not this blog but my homepage. When I started it I had very different intentions, not only for the site but also for my work.

I got so excited when I found out that was available that I missed getting Although most of my work is carried out in Manchester/Salford, it's not purely what my work is about anymore. Manchester if you like is the vehicle I use to explore wider issues. In a similar way to Manchester photography being too narrower a name, photography is to broad a word to describe all the different fields of lens based media, (and lens based media is too wanky a phrase for me) so after considering Artist Photo Artist, etc I settled on describing what I do as "photowork" No doubt a pretentious load of toss but I have to call it something and It may discourage people asking me if I do wedding's...................

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