Saturday, 2 August 2008

I'm In With The In Crowd..........

Yesterdays post got me told off a bit. Mr Colberg said:
JM Colberg says:
Mark, I was a bit puzzled by your decision to elevate what isn’t even a disagreement into some sort of Internet drama. I don’t think there’s any need for that (even though this kind of behaviour appears to be quite common on the Internet).
Mrs. Deane and I are very close friends, and we disagree all the time - most in our emails - which we both think of as the spice of life. And in this case, there isn't even any kind of real disagreement.

It was because I didn't know that this was an in joke:
JM Colberg says:
I do think you misunderstand me, and since it’s something I’ve run into before (much to my bewilderment) it’s time to clarify things.
When I wrote that I was interested in the image and not in the process, I did’t mean that I did’t care about whether or not images are done properly. Of course, I do. In fact, I expect them to be done properly. But then, I don’t care how they were done properly, how much time it took, or whatever else people like to dwell on.
So those misalignments bother me as much as they do bother you, and they are a very simple reason why these images simply don’t work. If you really want to present the world this way, you better make sure that little details are taken care of. It’s as simple as that. In fact, I do expect people to be experts and masters with their tools - but then at the end of the day, I am interested in what those experts and masters achieve with their skills.
How people can think I don’t care about it, escapes me. Or maybe these days, one really has to write down each and every triviality, for reasons which I am hesitant to spell out here.
You see blogging is like everything else, it's already throwing up, establishments and cliques are a forming. After all that they were just teasing each other....................stupid old me. And what I wrote yesterday was a "Drama". Fuck me compared to a conversation about bloody straight lines it wouldn't take much to create a drama...........


Anonymous said...

Around every blog there exists a community of interest, oh perhaps except the ones that nobody reads.

Those communities of interest include the writers and the commenters and also the less obvious, the friends and family of the commenters and writers and the people who email in with suggestions and ideas and stories.

Maybe they are cliques, but if they are, it's not the same kind of clique that is closed or exclusive. Unless one closes comments to all but a controlled membership, we can contribute to the discussions and in this case, so we have.

I'm also conscious that Mrs Deane's community of interest is mostly Dutch, Belgian and German. The precise way in which explanations are spelled out is usual and familiar to me from times when I worked in these countries.

I enjoy the way complexities are drawn from as you say, a conversation about straight lines. My recent post reflecting on Mrs Deane's is quite different. A basic primer maybe, compared to their thoughtful treatise.

mark page said...

Nice to hear from you. perhaps it's just all lost in translation....... Joerg is just soooo serious, at the end of the day we just take photographs........

Anonymous said...

Good grief Mark, really?!

I used to just take photographs, when I didn't do it full time. Now I research, and pore over contacts, and writings and the research of others. And I read and consider deeply, and people like Mrs Deane's community, help inform my work in far more interesting ways than when I just took photographs.

Always good to have these discussions, they do help me enormously. Without them we might just as well use something like Flickr.

mark page said...

Oh my God don't diss fluckr I've been down that road before... I pour over life, the photo taking is just a reaction to that, I'm far to lazy to paint, and far to honest for the conceptual lark.
It's good though that UK bloggers are having such a debate (although slightly concerned that we are doing so on a Saturday night!) There is something inside that should tell you if a line should have been straight, satisfaction, quality, zen, call it what you like, it's that basic really.........