Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Oliver East

Image Oliver East
Without doubt the album of the year so far for me, has got to be Elbow's "The Seldom Seen Kid". http://www.elbow.co.uk/ And through buying that CD, (yes I still buy CD's and then copy them to m.....) anyway, I discovered the work of Oliver East.
Now I think I've been a bit slow on the uptake as his work is well known around Manchester, but well if I can spread his fame a little bit further well bloody good job. Here's his website where you can see and buy the brilliant "Trains Are Mint" ( go to section 4 to see loads of his page layouts) www.rollingstockpress.co.uk and here for a great little interview

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Jennifer said...


I really like the Artrabbit widget.
Yes this illustration is really good, but I wasn't so keen on the work on his website.

Jen x