Friday, 3 September 2010

You Serving mate?

So according to RECENT research, Manchester is one of the worst places in the UK for drunkenness and alcohol problems. Well fucking done Sherlock! The fact that the regeneration of the city since the mid 90's has basically been centred on bar culture has paid off then. And in the spirit of the great British knee jerk they are going to introduce minimum pricing. And of course if there's a fucking stupid idea needs testing Manchester is always the first place to volunteer. Remember the ID card trials anyone? I know Manchester is always desperate to be first at stuff but can we just limit it to good idea's?
So making sure that old Me has to pay at least £5 for my twice a week bottle of wine that's the way to cut the local NHS bill. Never mind the fact that I can go on line 24 hours a day or now, thanks to the tatty business card that came through my letter box last night at 23:30, ring a mobile phone and get some scally to bring me round some cans. Now forgive me if I'm wrong but I thought you needed a licence to sell alcohol? I'm also intrigued to know what 'Plus much more' means? Skunk anyone?
No I'm not giving you the bloody links.... Oh go on THEN.
PS Anybody know where that scene of Manchester on the above 'Booze Manchester' banner is?

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