Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gallery Envy.......

Much as I love Manchester, it's shows like SHOMEI TOMATSU & DAIDO MORIYAMA at MICHAEL HOPPEN GALLERY that make me envy London photography fans. I'll have to make do with watching a film about SHOMEI TOMATSU on YOUTUBE, in Japanese, and save my pennies for his book 'SKIN OF THE NATION'


LostinManc said...

I quite agree. T resent it a bit that London is spoilt for choice. What do you think of Manchester's new photography gallery?

marcus doyle said...

I'll pop down next week and make you a little video on my iphone..

mark page said...


I've not been yet but what I've seen online it's not really my cup of tea but good luck to them.

Cheers if you put it on youtube it will only be the second that features the work of SHOMEI TOMATSU which is a crime!