Monday, 13 September 2010

Save The Arts (although to be honest I don't care that much about community dance groups)

You may have already seen this. It's one of those things that snowball in Internet land. It's a good cause, on the whole. I do think though that a lot of Arts organisations have been pissing money against the wall for the last decade or so. Too many freeloaders, too many hangers on, too little money going to makers and too much going to people with made up jobs. We need some weeding and a bloody hard frost. If the Arts continue to spend money reinventing it's self as a poor imitation of social work and family/education services, people are bound to start to wonder why they are paying twice. If the people in our Art world who decide how the hard fought funds get spent, think so little of Art, that they believe that unless it has some kind of social purpose it has no use then perhaps they should leave it to people that think Art can and should be made for no other reason than for Art itself.

Having said all that still sign this petition I'd rather the money go on a Dance group called 'Street Moves' made up solely of ex crack whores than it go on the Olympics. HERE to sign.

LEGAL NOTICE: 'Street Moves' is not in anyway meant to represent any crack whore dance act either past or present and is entirely fictional.


Brenda said...


Mark Page, once again saying the unsayable.

mark page said...

Bill Hicks said that as soon as an Artist worked for a corporation or for advertising that from that point on everything that they do is questionable as an Artist. That for me goes for a lot of Art funding and all community funding as well.