Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Jeffrey Milstein.

Like most lads of a certain age I went through a building 'Airfix' kits stage. I'd start to build them and had every intention of making them as accurately as I could. Nine times out of ten though, they would end up unpainted in the back garden having air rifles shot at them and bricks thrown at them. I was a troubled child.
Jerrrey Milstein's series "Aircraft: The jet as Art" is a grown up version of hanging planes from your bedroom ceiling and just looking at the form and beauty of an amazing piece of technology. All planes need to do is fly but as humans we also have a need to make them look good.
As with all technology there is a darker side to air travel and 9/11 amongst other things has underlined that and added a good dose of fear to something which is already a pretty scary thing to do. So Milstein's series "Black Boxes" is the other side of the coin to "Aircraft: The jet as Art" It's also educational. Who'd have thought that the 'Black Box' wasn't black?

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