Monday, 2 August 2010

No it's not that stuff that makes your willy go hard. VAGA stands for Visual Arts and Galleries Association and they have just sent a letter to the Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt urging him to go steady with the cuts. Jeremy Hunt, is that rhyming slang?

“Across the sector there will be wide spread unemployment, closures, decline in public and economic benefit from past investment and consequent loss of established cultural and social capital within communities, including opportunities for volunteering and skills development.”

Visual art is a British success story and has transformed the fabric of local communities in recent years. Visitors to galleries rose throughout the recession: the Banksy exhibition in Bristol last year was the eighth most visited contemporary art exhibition in the world. The Liverpool Biennial in 2008 had an economic impact of £2.66 million a week over a ten week period. The 2009 Frieze Art Fair welcomed over 60,000 visitors in five days." Continued

Of course some arts cuts would be welcomed, if it means there will be one less 'Community dance troops' peddling their sorry asses on Britain's got talent.

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