Sunday, 22 August 2010

Nelli Palomäki

Image copyright Nelli Palomaki

Nelli Palomaki is one of the photographers included in REGENERATION 2 which I mentioned a couple of posts ago. It's nice to see that Black and White classic looking portraiture is still holding it's own. I do think these are some cracking portraits. She says of her work;

"I search for the perfect picture, but it escapes. In the end, a portrait is always different from what I expected. Other pictures surprise me with their strength, others merely disappoint me. Disappointment, however, motivates me to continue. Excitement after each shoot is always as great, the fear of failure always as fascinating. I sit on the trolley and study new negatives. Against the window they look successful. But I know the pictures will end up different than I expect. Something has changed. Perhaps the person´s eyes are just about to close, a child has moved or there is a trace of an irritating artificial smile. A picture planned beforehand changes through coincidence and surprises and escapes from the photographer. If I succeeded in taking the perfect picture, I would hardly continue shooting."

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