Monday, 14 June 2010

New Cliches of Photography #21

Detroit? Oh come on give me fucking a break.....


marcus doyle said...

It does not matter where you are in the world. All warehouse images look the same.
Have a look at my image of the Torpedo factory in Croatia....
At least mine was a commission..
I never understand why people 'touch up' images like this, its pointless..
Hope all is well.

mark page said...

The thing with the whole Detroit hang is that everybody who seems to shoot there manages to tell me nothing about the place that I don't already know and approaches it from the same angle. The wanderer returns! Good to have you back Marcus. I'm fine got a couple of projects on the go teaming the blog up with The Whitworth Gallery in the next few weeks so that's exciting....... How's the coastal work going?

marcus doyle said...

Whitworth Gallery...Fabulous.

The Coastal Project is becoming a real fine body of work, but its taking a fair old while. I've got my teeth into it now so its only a matter of time..

Keep the faith!