Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Frank Sidebottom.

Frank Sidebottom was to some who just didn't get him an annoying not funny comic. To others he was a brilliant Surreal performance artist who appeared at The Tate no less (see below) I think he fell somewhere in between, but one things for sure Manchester has lost another, albeit odd, Icon. When I worked at Urbis he was a presenter on CHANNEL M. When he put that head on he would go fully into character to such a degree that he had a photo ID swipe card made that had him with his head on and sporting a City Shirt and his name as Frank Sidebottom. The last couple of months he has talked bravely and in character about his cancer going so far as to make himself a new head without hair or eyebrows for when he had his chemotherapy......... Cheers Frank for the laughs. FRANK SIDEBOTTOM 1956-2010

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