Thursday, 7 January 2010


Image copyright Stuart Griffiths

I've been following the work on Homeless Ex-service men by Stuart Griffiths for a few years here at manchesterphotography. Stuart is a no nonsense no bullshit photographer who follows a strong and worthwhile tradition. I have many sympathies for many reasons with the ex squaddies that he portrays. As wars in far off lands continue and as the recession bites harder, he's found a story that sadly is not likely to go away anytime soon. Having found himself in this situation a number of years back, Griffiths is in a strong position to inform the rest of us.

ISOLATION is a documentary by Luke Seomore & Joseph Bull

"A quarter of British ex-soldiers sleep rough when they return home.

Isolation is an impressionistic portrait of the emotional and physical aftermath of war, following photographer and ex-soldier Stuart Griffiths as he travels across England uncovering the personal and controversial stories behind the military statistics." CONTINUE READING

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