Monday, 4 January 2010

Fair Cop?

"A photographer who snapped Banksy-style images has been given an ASBO after he was deemed a nuisance.
But an impressive selection of art lovers – including a curator from the Tate Gallery in London and the authors of a heavyweight New York art book"
I'm not sure about this one. My first reaction was fucking fascists! but having read the entire article now I'm thinking fair cop. I'm also thinking he's a daft c##t for getting caught. Of course I would say that in certain circumstances it would be a photographers morale responsibility and duty to break the laws of this or any other country if genuine issues of public interest, corruption etc were at stake. But documenting tagging in Reading? Now I like a bit of Banksy, as much as the next man but this sort of graffiti is no better than a dog pissing up a wall and I'm not sure we should worry if some photographer wants to risk 'getting his collar felt' just to snap his mates doing it......
Cheers to Brenda for the link.


Ron Lamb said...

Hi M8

Been reading your blog daily for bout a year now, Love it!

Heres a project I started some time back. Still collecting Images just not updated the blog for a while for whatever reason. Manchester has some good graffz, especially if your prepared to seek em out!

Keep up the good work, sorry havent had the chqnce to come visit at the urbis!


mark page said...

Nice ta meet ya! get the blog updated see next post....