Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sunny Sunny Days.

Images copyright Mark Page
Where do you go on those sunny sunny days like the last couple we've just had? I have my (semi) secret spot.
Some of you will have seen it from the tram to Salford Quays. There at the side Of The River Irwell is the mini miracle called Pomona. We all need a bit of nature even a cynical old urban monkey like me, and Pomona is where I head.
How this slice of riverside prime real estate has passed under the radar of planners I'll never know, but because it has for the best part of two decades, nature has decided to reclaim her. I say her because Pomona was the Roman Goddess of Gardens, fruit trees and orchards which judging by all the flora and fauna that has made this area it's home seems totally appropriate.
There are legends connected to this area including Roman sites (perhaps where it's name originated from) and THIS one which is my favourite and I do keep my eye's peeled for treasure!
During Victorian times it became Pomona Pleasure Gardens which it's hard to find any info on there's more on it's later use as Pomona Dock. If anyone knows more about the area please let me know as my getaway has now become a project to photograph Pomona over the next twelve months. I'm flower pressing as well, I want to document the area fully as I can't believe that this oasis will last too much longer.
If you're passing, get off the tram and come and say hello but don't tell too many people I like the peace and quiet.

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