Monday, 8 June 2009

Normal Service.

It's been a tad gloomy around here for the last few posts I know. It must be my "Artist" radar picking up on all the dogshit that's going down here in Blighty. Home was on NEWSNIGHT and other news programs tonight with some locals who I'm not being funny but if they've ever worked a fucking day in their sorry benefit claiming lives, moaning about Johnnie foreigner nicking their jobs "well there's no jobs fer us innit" they so eloquently replied, so that's wound me up. I thought Salfordians had more about them than voting BNP, but heyho. I'm obviously going to have to nobble Nick Griffin myself. Only kidding Special Branch, I'll get him to dress as a Brazilian plumber and you can do it for me. Just kidding, having a laugh, well you got to laugh ain't ya........... tomorrow lets chat photography, coz that seems important at the moment........

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marcus doyle said...

If theres one thing I hate more than a cheat, its a benefit cheat.
Heard one fella on the TV the other day saying he was trying to go straight and live off the social instead of robbing people.
I rest my case..