Friday, 27 March 2009

That Was The Week That Was.

Image Paul Graham

This post is by way of a "catch up" placing in one post things I was going to post about this week but due to time or lack of it, and my selfishness at only posting some of my own photographs for most of the week I've not got round too.

First up I guess the biggest event in the photographic world this week has been the announcement of the winner of this years DEUTSCHE BORSE photography prize. Winner Paul Graham. (b. 1956) I should of had a flutter on that one. The also rans were Emily Jacir (b. 1970) Tod Papageorge (b.1940) and Taryn Simon (b. 1975) who would have been a joint favorite with Graham should I have been a photie bookie, but of course no such job exists. Out of interest you will have noticed that I have added the photographers birth date, as in the photography world this seems of some importance, perhaps similar to saying such & such has had a baby boy he was 7lbs 8oz. My choice for winner would have been Tod Papageorge. Passing Through Eden is a masterpiece, but then I'm not scared to admit I like Black n White photography.

The second biggest event in the photographic world this week as got to be the CAPTURE MANCHESTER competition. Organised in part by the North West Photography Network REDEYE and held at THE CUBE Gallery.

Redeye's Director Paul Herrmann, who was one of the judges, said: “I’m amazed at the explosion of talent this competition has unleashed. Of course it's impossible to capture the city in one image, but so many of the entrants have really thought hard and given us something surprising, funny, personal or just different. Doesn't that inventiveness and creativity make Manchester the place it is?" (Quote from The Cube Gallery website) Yes you are right Paul, so why did this lot win? I understand a 14 year old winning, bless his cottons but a London underground map with the station names removed and Manchester suburbs added, fuck me Paul! Sour Grapes of course. I have feeling's, cut me, do I not bleed?

The other piece of sad news of course this week, is the death of the Pikey Princess.

And talking of dying with dignity. Out of all the major religions in this country it seems to me that on the whole the Hindu's seem to be one of the least demanding. So would it be too much to allow them to have some space so as to have open cremations? Now I'm not suggesting that we have them on Deansgate and I'm sure that's not what they want, but I'm sure we could organise some space somewhere for them. Jeez after the Jade Goodie fiasco if there's one thing this country needs it's a lesson on how to die with dignity..............

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