Thursday, 5 March 2009

Rex Bruce.

Image copyright Rex Bruce

You know it never ceases to amaze me how few photographers in the WWW dot, gallery, bloggy getting your name repeated around the jungle that is Art Photography world, are actually engaging with digital technologies. Oh yes they are blogging and flikring and have websites and form Internet alliances and forums and have multi media etc etc, but are still shooting film with wardrobe cameras . Now if that's your bag, grand, and as Jem Southem is currently showing us at The Lowry sometimes you just can't "whack it" for (physical) quality and beauty.
But I think there should be more photographer's willing to explore the medium of digital photography though, it's like sculptors only ever sticking with marble.
I love the above image by Rex Bruce. Lapis Lazuli Sky's, exotic architecture, cherubs. The same subject matter as was, when artists really start exploring the medium of paint. As Bruce says
"Painters over the centuries sought to advance their capabilities to create an ever more realistic representation of what could be seen, but began to experiment with the nature of the paint itself and other purely aesthetic concerns regarding shape, texture, color and form (to name a few). Similarly, this work breaks off from the pursuit of the "best image possible" into an exploration of the formalistic attributes (and conceptual implications) present in the emergent technology of digital imaging itself". Brilliant!
Should you be reading this on the sunny side of the USA you can see Rex Bruce's work at The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art 107 West Fifth St. L.A. CA 90013 from the 12th March..........

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