Wednesday, 18 March 2009

John Davies @ Cube

Image copyright John Davies
Exhibitions in Manchester by Great British Landscape photographers seem to be like buses you know the wait all year for one............ Just as Jem Southam at The Lowry gets set to close, (22/3 so you've still got a couple of days) "The British Landscape" by John Davies is set to open on the 20th March (preview tomorrow 19th 6pm til 9pm free wine, I'm not sure that bits true I'm just guessing, you know nice and warm in plastic glasses.........) at The Cube, Portland Street Manchester 20th March until 4thMay (I'm going to forgo the wine and schmoozing and go on a wet Tuesday afternoon so I can enjoy his work in peace........)


Stan B. said...

Dang, sure wouldn't mind catchin' that one!

mark page said...

I know, I'm well excited. He still makes his own prints at home you know, and often only uses a medium format. How radical is that!