Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Good Old Recessions.

It's not all doom and gloom with lean times especially if your an artist, or at least an artist without a big gallery and a fist full of collectors behind you. All them property types who have been throwing up buildings with gay abandon over the last decade or so have now got a lot of empty space on their hands that they wish to fill. So move in the Artists, business will follow and around we go again. Now this starting point is great it's just the shit at the end like The Northern Quarter that's the problem but hey this is an up-beat post today so enough of that.

And so if I was to say to you how would you like some free exhibition space in the heart of Manchester City Centre what would you say?

Well now you can. The Triangle is offering that chance in one of it's empty retail outlets. If you can keep it open and manned during The Triangle's usual opening times it's free! Imagine if you are making work about the Downturn or perhaps consumerism, What a top spot for showing it, it would give the work a whole new dimension.

Anyway details of this opportunity should you be interested are as follows;

Contact Ryan Thomas on 0161 834 8961 with the following details;

  • Exhibition name
  • Date
  • Opening times
  • Launch night
  • Expected number of people daily/launch
  • Type of Art work
  • Sample photos
  • How many days/hours you would be able to keep it open
  • How will you market it
  • Special requirements
  • What materials will be used (dead sharks etc)
  • Setting up period

I've spoken to Ryan and he's a nice chap so good luck and send me an invite to the opening...............................

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