Friday, 20 March 2009

Obsessives Of The World Unite!

I have always had a bit of a soft spot for "Trainspotters" obsessives they are a little like photographers. We also both seem to have been singled out as the most likely people to impersonate should you wish to become a terrorist.
This silly cow from Virgin trains certainly seems to think so as can be seen in the above video. I'm giving her and this country the benefit of the doubt here it may be worse, it may be another example of Britain's eroding civil liberties. Of course people will bang on about "The terror threat" Which so far has amounted to 7/7 and some divvy setting fire to themselves at Glasgow Airport. When I was younger you could go trainspotting and photograph the choo choo's if you chose. Perhaps the IRA never thought of pretending to be trainspotters......


marcus doyle said...

Its a shame she didn't slip and fall onto the track as the train was coming. Would of made a much more interesting bit of video.
The words gone cookoo..
Hope all is well..
Love the second part of Expiration notice by the way..
Nice one.

mark page said...

Becoming time to fight back! Cheers for the compliment on EX NO!