Thursday, 16 October 2008

There's an old Anglo Saxon word for you.

How would anyone think this was a good idea for a photograph? words fucking fail me. Whats the point? I know people who could knock that up in an hour on photoshop without the cruelty. Maybe there's some concept behind it? or maybe just some advertising revenue?
And we wonder why people find it hard to take photography seriously as an art form. You will have noticed how I've kindly not linked your name with this post, as I'm sure that one day you will be ashamed of these ridiculous and humiliating images.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the animal / people cross images that won the European Photographer of the Year at Photokina?

The Commercial catagory was won by Jonathan Beer from Manchester.

mark page said...

It may be me being a stump but I can't seem to get that link to work. Cheers though for getting in touch.

Anonymous said...


and follow the links to 'Contest'