Thursday, 23 October 2008

Colin Blakely

Image copyright Colin Blakely

I've wanted to avoid posting anything about the American elections and so far with the exception of some nasty photo's of John McCain I've managed it. There's many reasons why I've been an American election free zone, like for instance, every other blogger and his mother already has posted & posted about it, I'm sick of seeing it, I don't know enough about American politics even though British telly is trying to get me up to speed by showing some programme on the US of A almost every bloody night. And I know I could pretend to be absolutely fascinated by the elections this time like everyone else, but to be honest I'm not bothered. Sorry, but I'm not.

I can see though that these are pretty dramatic times for Americans. A time of change, A culmination of an uncertain journey started way back in 2001. And I am interested in how American photographers will come to explore and record this period in Their countries history. Which brings me to the work of Colin Blakely and in particular his series "Somewhere in Middle America" This work, by this artist is a fantastic start to what will no doubt be an interesting time for anyone who enjoys pictures more than politics.

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