Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Shaw & Shaw

I first met Shaw & Shaw at the start of this year as I nervously attended a selection night for Projection 08 at Redeye's scary HQ on Edge Street in The Northern Quarter. I'm not great at social occasions or indeed in mixed company, or in fact in the Northern Quarter, and even a couple of plastic cups of dodgy red was doing little to help me relax. It was then I started to talk to one of Shaw & Shaw. It was Shaw I believe and they made me feel right at home.
I heard about their book project "Lost in the post" then, and I'm glad to say it, along with their new website has finally arrived.
Looking forward to taking a closer look at this one. Here for Shaw & Shaw's website

P.S how cool are those flyer's? they arrived together done up with Royal Mail elastic bands like that in the post!

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