Saturday, 19 April 2008

Richard Padgett Estate Agents & Re-Enforcing The Cliche.

Above is the house I recently tried to buy in Swinton through Richard Padgett estate agents. I've been looking for a house like this for ages. A red brick terrace on a nice street Salford way. Infact it's also become a long term photographic project, but that will become clear at a later date. Now we all know about estate agents being slimey bastards but I never realised just how much they lived upto their reputation until I had the misfortune in dealing with Richard Padgett estate agents Monton and the shower of shit that they employ. Here follows the estate agent blurb for the above house: "2 bed garden fronted terrace in need of updating, upvc double glazing, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, 2 double bedrooms, bathroom with 3 piece suite, small garden to front, enclosed rear yard with garage ..."
Please note the line "in need of updating". Now I'm a bit new to this house buying lark having lived in social housing for the past decade, but I still fail to see how the above description can translate to This: "Elements of the property appear to be in poor condition. Including: Specialist wall tie contractor to carry out wall tie work.There is evidence of dry rot and works could be expensive and disruptive. There is evidence of rising damp to ground floor walls and timbers. Rewiring to current IEE standards. Removal of polystyrene ceiling tiles FIRE HAZARD. Unacceptable kitchen fittings. The services of a licensed Asbestos contractor is required for removal of garage. New chimney flashing's." Which is the surveyors report. Now is it me or is that a world away from "in need of updating"
So I'm £180 lighter and back to the drawing board. Is it any wonder that people are loosing confidence in the housing market when there is Shithawks like Richard Padgett Estate agents, Monton about?

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