Monday, 14 April 2008

28 Days Later

Images copyright of The Machine

No not the film, but the forum website for "urban explorers". These are daring souls who get into and explore disused and abandoned building's. Now I love this type of stuff, for all kinds of reasons, not least because it has an interesting relationship with photography. It seems almost like a "chicken or egg" situation. Do they photograph merely to record the exploration or explore in order to make photographs? Either way what they end up with are very pure documentary images which are often beautiful into the bargain. Although the pictures here are probably not best described as beautiful. Taken by someone called "The Machine" who if you ask me is either mad or has balls the size Wythenshawe (for all none Mancs) Anyway City Buildings, Corporation Street (next to Urbis) was explored and you should take a look at whats right on your doorstep And by the way Urbis if your listening this shit would make a great exhibition................. Oh yes and Manchester City Council, private building or not, you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves letting a building splendid as this Victorian gem get in such a state........................................

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