Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Liverpool 08

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Spent a sunny warm day in Liverpool today. Did the usual, The Albert Dock, Ferry across the Mersey etc. Now I'm not one of those Manc's that's always putting Liverpool down, in fact I love the place, but I've got to ask what are you doing? It's just one big building site. Now I know it's regeneration we had a nasty dose of that ourselves here in Manchester but we weren't European City of Culture at the time. Could the council or whoever not have planned it a bit better? The Three Graces covered in scaffolding and plastic netting, the ferry office a bloody porta cabin? Road works everywhere, The city centre full of fat builders shouting "get your tits out" (not to me you understand although my moobs are pretty impressive) God what must the tourists think. It's OK for me I'm used to it being from Manchester......................

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