Sunday, 6 January 2008

Picture this.

Bloody hell another photography programme on the telly! I've only just recovered from the brilliance of "The genius of photography" (BBC) and another comes along this time on Channel 4. That's where the similarity ends, well actually not, because Martin Parr is on this as well.

Format. It's a bit like a talent show/competition, some photographers, some judges, and some really smart prizes, "more pictures mean prizes" than "points mean prizes". The four judges, "some of the most influential names in photography" the commentator proudly announces. Mr Parr granted, a nice rather posh lady from The Photographer's Gallery whose name I should no doubt know, OK, a female photographer I've never heard of and some twat in glasses. Contestants get set a task this week, portraiture. Off they go snap, cliche, snap, cliche. take their efforts back for a critique, or "slagging off" as they were known when I was at college. Two get binned, rest come back next week.

I think to make it more interesting they should make the fuckers skate at the same time!

Anyway if you must, 7pm Sundays Channel 4

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Anonymous said...

Great post...glad I'm not the only one who hadn't heard of the photographer mentor...who?