Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Human Bridges & Happy New Year!

Image courtesy Human bridges blog

Well did you have a "good un"? I stayed in as I normally do on New years to watch Jools Holland, but with the exception of seasick steve it was a bit shit this year to be honest.

Anyway back to business, New year, holidays behind us and time to move on. Plans for this blog in 2008? Keep showcasing the best photography from here in the North-West and the rest of the world. Quick peeks to see what other visual types are upto. I hope to bring you interviews with some great photographers at some point, and well play it by ear really and have some fun.

Which brings me nicely to James Nisbeck's new(ish) project "Human Bridges" why not get involved and work off some of them Christmas pounds! I'd like to but not sure I can with these old knees...........................

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