Saturday, 12 January 2008

Bolton MA at Richard Goodall.

It's an odd one this. The post I mean, and the name of the course from Bolton. "MA in international photojournalism, documentary & travel photography! How many genre's in one course title, talk about edging your bets! Thing is it had some great work. The gallery is a great space as well, except for the too loud wine bar jazz, which to be honest is just fucking annoying when your trying to look at photo's. I also can't believe that in this day and age, photographers doing an MA don't have websites! weird and a shame because I would have loved to look at more of Daniel Jordan-Killoran, Tom Steventon, Rob Thomas and Carl Pinnington's work. Oh and It was hardly advertised,it was almost a big secret, on from 7/1/08 till 14/1/08 so we all missed it as well!


Tom said...

Contact details are available in the gallery. Here are the websites:

Daniel Jordan-Killoran

Rob Thomas

Tom Steventon

mark page said...
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mark page said...

Thanks For supplying that Tom.

Anonymous said...

Carl Pinningtons Folio