Thursday, 18 February 2010

Philippe Spigolon

Back in the early nineties I spent way too much time in and out of hospitals. I won't go in to too much detail but I spent most of 1990 in various Bristol Hospitals. Why am I telling you this? Mainly to add some authority to my opinion when I say that French photographer Philippe Spigolon series 'HOSPITAL CENTER' is right on the money. So many memories came flooding back even though this work is made in a French hospital. It's that long dreary, monotonous, sterile, boredom that these images capture so perfectly. It makes me think of Philip Larkin's 'THE BUILDING'.

There's lots of fun quirky Typologies on Philippe's site, the series 'HOSPITALIZED' is not one of them. Powerfully poignant and side stepping sentimentality the mono was a perfect choice. I'm gushing about Philippe's work I know, Best thing I've found in my inbox for a good while. Just wish there was some more text about him and the work.

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