Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Image copyright 'Tania'

The Elsewhereness online weekly magazine is an outgrowth of the "Elsewhere" social community network project - a grassroots movement and independent community dedicated to fine art and social visualization driven by a Middle East-based team of photojournalists and visual artists. Both projects are completely volunteer-based.

The Elsewhere social network offers an educational framework in the field of visual literacy. The network's vision is to develop, with the cooperation of galleries, museums and alternative spaces, a series of workshops with an emphasis on local Middle East projects. By using its website as a platform for featuring portfolios and its weekly online magazine, the network establishes a common international space enabling dialogue among Palestinians, Israelis and others.

The Elsewhereness is a unique project aimed at motivating positive social processes and creating a common ground for Palestinians and Israelis who live in a reality where mobility and the ability to meet face-to-face is restricted; a reality which denies communication (physically by fences and isolation, and socially by public (mis)conceptions). The magazine presents artists work and articles, and is the only one in the region dealing with social issues through visual art.

Peace through photography? Why not, they've tried everything else. See their website and plenty of 'Top' work HERE


Unknown said...

Thanks Mark,
Certainly we on elsewhere won't oppose peace, but the truth is that we are not so naive to believe that we, with our pictures, can bring peace. Meanwhile we're just happy for the opportunity to maintain our good personal relationships despite the political situation in our area; please join us!
Cheers, Yossi

mark page said...

I think it's a bloody good start!
Cheers for getting in touch Yossi.