Tuesday 13 October 2009

Vivian Maier

Image copyright, Hmmm Not sure probably John Maloof.
Thanks to Stan over at RECIPROCITY FAILURE for this story. I love this sort of thing, an unknown archive coming to light, some quiet, skilled photographer who had been making great work for decades undiscovered until after her death. Some of these images are truly great I hope that they go on to get a life of their own as work often does.
Do you ever wonder what will happen to YOUR archive when you snuff it? I have this romantic dream, nay nightmare that after lying there undiscovered for months (if Social Service cuts get as bad as predicted) in a Salford Highrise they will break in and find me and my 30 cats plus boxes and boxes of prints and 2 dozen hard drives, and they (whoever that may be) will declare me Manchester's greatest artist.
But of course all my efforts are making their way online as is most of our work. In 20 or 30 years time will we still stumble on unknown archives like this, or will the Internet shine light in all the corners?.......................
Here for more tiptop images my Vivian Maier and Here for more on the story.


Stan B. said...

I gotta feeling that dream's not all that uncommon. I wonder if she had it, gave up on it-- never had it... damn, she never even developed her film! Just what was the mindset there?!

mark page said...

mark your book has come love u xx

mark page said...

Is it a happy story or a sad one?