Sunday, 4 October 2009

Urban Film Night.

First off it would not be exaggerating to say that this first film, called "Lift" is the best short film I've ever seen, a real slice of modern Urban Britain. Beautifully shot with empathy for the subject that in turn allows film maker Mark Isaacs to really get under the skin of his subject. A masterclass in social documentary from 2001.

And second up what could be more "Urban" and a better metaphor for the "Street photographer" than the stray dog? And what better living street photographer than Daido Moriyama?
Found thanks to
1000 words.

Ah, people living and existing in the built environment a subject that out of all the mediums is dealt with best by photography whether still or moving "Lens is Best" for this one cocker.


marcus doyle said...

That 'Lift' is just brilliant.
The simple ideas are always the best.

mark page said...

Ain't just the "Dogs"