Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Simon Norfolk will be holding a talk at Derby's QUAD Gallery who of course are the people behind THE FORMAT Festival. The talk is being held on Thursday 19th November starting at 6:30 PM and only costing 3 squid which is a bargain I think to hear one of our most crucial photographers talk.
This is closely followed on the 9th December by another £3 "Doo" with guest speaker and another legend Brian Griffin.


f:lux said...

I'd definitely recommend going to hear him if you can, he is brilliant.

P.S. hello

Brenda said...

He was on top form couple of weeks ago in Newcastle.

He was scathing about photog students who only want to photograph their girlfriends' bottoms when we've been at war for 8 years.

I'd forgotten how like an encyclopedia he is on his own obsessions. Marvelous and very, very scary, even if you know all that anyway, which of course we do.

mark page said...

I heard him speak a few years ago he was a visiting tutor on my course at the time.

I think there's plenty of people photographing war. Probably more than we need. Trouble is very few are doing anything either as interesting or as worthy as Mr Norfolk.......