Sunday, 5 April 2009

On The Blag.

Image copyright Susana Raab
Funding. It's a bit of a bastard. I've always been spectacularly shit at it. Some people thrive on it. Jeez I even know people who make a living doing it for other people! Me, I've always been shit at it. So I'm going to study this article by Susana Raab (love your work) over on PDN and see if I can pick up a few tips and maybe some application form filling mojo.


marcus doyle said...

Every project I have done has been self funded. Believe me this is not through choice. Five rejections from the Arts Council and others. I am sure there is no one crapper than me at this. Besides we are creatives, not businessmen.. I have degrees and qualifications coming out my ass, but form filling is something I can't get my head round.
I have a name for photographers that thrive on getting funding, and happen to be good at it; 'Goody Bloody Two Shoes.....'

Susana Raab's work is brilliant. Reminds me of Paul Reas and seems much more honest and gritty than the likes of Parr.

Love those house shots of yours...
Remember, all the great ones were skint.

mark page said...

Cheers Marcus.I'm glad I'm not the only form hater out there.I love Raab's work and a nice lady to boot. I posted about her work a while back and she thanked me and linked! The house pictures are down to you making me think there could be a series in it. So "SEMI'S" (working title)is "with thanks to Marcus Doyle.