Thursday, 16 April 2009


Valuing Older People Positive Images of Ageing -
Calendar photography brief

This is the 6th calendar in the Valuing Older People Positive Images campaign which has received national recognition and award nominations for communicating positive messages about growing older.We would like to invite tenders for the photography for the 2010 calendar.
2010 calendar brief:
To create a series of 15/16 positive images depicting older people using different forms of technology. The VOP Positive Images team will work to identify 15/16 different image options and participants to feature in the photographs.
The photographers will be asked to update the project team 3/4 times during the process. Following this the photographer will present their final images to the team who will work with them to decide upon which images will be included in the calendar.

To work with the VOP Positive Images team to agree a preferred “style” of image
To create a series of images which show positive images of older people using different types of technology
To provide a range of images choices on contact sheets for the Positive Images team
To supply MFour, the City Council in house design team, with the selected high resolution images
To provide hard copy portrait shots to participants
Time frames:
Tender deadline: Thursday 30th April 2009
Shortlisted applicants invited to interview Wednesday 3rd June 2009
Photography to be completed by mid-October 2009
Final image selection late October 2009
Calendar to design early November 2009
Distribution in December 2009
Expressions of interest and estimated costs:
In your costing, please include a breakdown of the following:
Estimated amount of time needed to:
Produce 12/13 portrait photos
Attendance at 3/4 Positive Images team meeting
Production of contact sheets and portraits
The cost of provision of:
12/13 contact sheets
12/13 high resolution images
Please provide 3/4 images or examples of your work with your submission.
Please submit your estimates to:
Sally Chandler
Programme Manager
Valuing Older People
Joint Health Unit
Town Hall Extension
M60 2LA
For more information, telephone: 0161 234 3513

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